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Hon'ble Minister  Fisheries, Manipur

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Jan 24th, 2021


The State Department of Fisheries, Manipur started its functioning in the year, 1959 as a wing of the then Agriculture Department, Manipur under one Chief Fishery Officer along with some skeletal staffs.

       Thereafter, the Department started functioning as a Directorate since 1979. The status of the Chief Fishery Officer was upgraded to the Director of Fisheries, Manipur. All the district level offices headed by one District Fishery Officer and Chief Executive Officer, Fish Farmers' Development Agency (except Imphal East District) each along with both technical and administrative staffs were opened for effective implementation of various developmental plan schemes of the Department.

        For implementation of the, various developmental plan schemes/projects, suitable manpower management is a must both qualitatively as well as quantitatively. The Department is headed by a Director who is the executive...Read More

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